cryogenic bayonet

Male Bayonet Assembly 3/4″ Size, 9″ Thermal Length     (6) O-Ring QTY: 1 Find NO.: 6 Part number: 2-212 Material: Silicone (5) Nut QTY: 1 Find NO.: 5 Part number: 2B702-2M1 Material: Brass, Nickel Plate (4) Ring, Retainer QTY: 2 Find NO.: 4 Part number: 801-088-5L1 Material: 302 Cres Wire (3) Nose Socket, Male […]

Cryogenic Bayonet CB706-5M9 Series


Female Bayonet Assembly 1/2″ Size, 9″ Thermal Length     (3) Nose Socket, Female QTY: 1 Find NO.: 3 Part number: 103CB706–5W1 Material: 304 SST (2) Tube, Female QTY: 1 Find NO.: 2 Part number: 104CB706-5WF Material: 304 SST (1) Female Socket QTY: 1 Find NO.: 1 Part number: 1CB706-5F1 Material: 304 SST

Cryogenic Bayonet CB706-5F9 Series

Cryogenic Bayonet Model CB700 Male

The CB700 Series Cryogenic Bayonet design is a tube-sized high-efficiency connection for vacuum-insulated piping and transfer line applications. Connecting and separating the bayonets is easy with the threaded connection nut.

Cryogenic Bayonet CB700 Series