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Custom Cryogenic Manifolds

Custom Designed and Fabricated Manifold Valves for Cryogenic Liquids


LN2 Food Freezer Manifold


cryogenic custom manifold ln2 coldbox switcher

Liquid Nitrogen Cold Box Switcher Manifold


cryogenic custom manifold liquid hydrogen fuel

Liquid Hydrogen Fuel Manifold


cryogenic custom manifold liquid nitrogen test flow

LN2 Environmental Test Flow Control

Product Sheet

Custom cryogenic manifolds supplied by Cryocomp valves incorporate our expertise in valves with the parent-company Cryofab Inc., experience in vacuum jacketed pipe design and fabrication. Manifolds are provided to customer requirements with inner line sizes from 1/2” to 3.0” pipe for cryogenic liquids including nitrogen, argon, oxygen, hydrogen and helium service. Each manifold is fully pressure tested, mass spec leak tested and all valves functionally tested before shipment. The Cryocomp manifold assemblies have radiation shielding and getters to assure high thermal efficiency and a long vacuum life.

Dependent upon customer requirements, any number of manual or actuated valves may be incorporated into the manifold design. Additionally, tees, elbows and other parts and assemblies that fit pipe to the manifolds may be included along with necessary expansion joints, flexible connectors and instrumentation.