CV Calculation and Flow Coefficient Table

Valve Sizing: Flow Calculations

For CV calculation use this basic liquid flow calculation formula
CV = Flow Coefficient, QL = Flow (GPM), SG = Specific Gravity, ∆P=Pressure Drop (PSIA)

Specific Gravity for Common Fluids (SG)

Water: 1.000

LN2: 0.808

LH2: 0.071

LHe: 0.125

LAr: 0.400

LO2: 1.140

Flow Coefficient Table for Standard Cryogenic Valves

Find the flow coefficient for Cyocomp standard valves by size and body style for your convenience when designing your cryogenic system. Some standard valves are available with optional needle and seat trim for precision flow that can accomplish a control range of CV=0.500 down to 0.0003.

C2000 Series & C3000 Series Cryogenic Valves CV

1/2" Valve Size

Globe Body: 2.6 CV
Right Angle Body: 5.7 CV
Y-Pattern Body: 5.6 CV

1" Valve Size

Globe Body: 16.3 CV
Right Angle Body: 28.6 CV
Y-Pattern Body: 25 CV

1-1/2" Valve Size

Globe Body: 31 CV
Right Angle Body: 37 CV
Y-Pattern Body: 42 CV

2" Valve Size

Globe Body: 42.3 CV
Right Angle Body: 54 CV
Y-Pattern Body: 59.4 CV

C5000 Series Cryogenic Valves CV

1/2" Valve Size

Globe Body: 1.1 CV
Right Angle Body: 2.3 CV
Y-Pattern Body: consult factory