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Vapor Vent Heaters

The model H1300 and model H1500 cryo vent heaters install on any liquid nitrogen keepfull device to stop ice formation and prevent condensate on floor and ceiling tiles. There is no need for insulation or vent piping in a large room discharge area. The heaters are electrical devices that increase the temperature of the cryogen and expel it as vapor. The gas/liquid mixture enters the vent heater assembly where, through use of an internal heater, it is vaporized and vented to an outside safe area. Both the model H1300 (375 watt) and H1500 (500 watt) vapor vent heaters are available in 110 VAC or 220 VAC configurations. Cryocomp strongly recommends that all heaters have the available “System Heater Guard” protective mesh enclosure installed to prevent injury.