Overseas Cryogenic Company Representatives

To purchase Cryocomp cryogenic valves and vacuum components outside the United States, please contact the nearest overseas cryogenic company representative, listed below.


cryogenic company overseas representative

Vacree Technology
No. 189, Haitang RRoad
Hi-tech Industry Development Area
Hefei, Anhiu Province
230088, China
Phone: 86-551-65392154
Fax: 86-551-65520530

cryogenic company overseas representative beijing china

Physike Technology Co. Ltd.
Room 504, Chuang Ye Plaza Tuspark
Jingshuyuan Road
Haidian District
Beijing 100083
Phone: 86-10-6216-6302 / 8236-7826
Fax: 86-10-6216 7967


Niki Glass
No. 9-7, 3 chome Mita
Niki Glass Building
Tokyo, 1080073
Phone: 81 (0)3- 3456-4700
Fax: 81- (0)3- 3456-3423