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Vacuum Valve Operator Model V1045–2

1⁄2" Pipe End Vacuum Valve Operator

vacuum valve operator

Product Sheet


  • Simple, Inexpensive And Reliable
  • Tight Seal At The Body Junction
  • Spring Loaded, Redundant Seal on Shaft
  • Pipe End
  • Connection Between V1045 Seal-off Valve and Pump
  • Removes And Replaces The Seal Plug During The Pump Down Operation
  • For Flange End, See V1045-3


  • Vacuum-insulated piping systems
  • Manifolds
  • Flex lines
  • Dewars
  • Tanks
  • Chambers
  • Furnaces
  • Any fabrication that requires a vacuum jacket


  • SERVICE: High Vacuum.
  • PRESSURE: 1 X 10-8 TORR Vacuum up to 15 PSIG Positive.
  • TEMPERATURE: +150° F TO -60° F.
  • LEAK RATE: 1 X 10-8 STD CC GHe/ SEC. (Seal Permeability).
  • CONNECTION: Weld junction is standard. Thread and flange junctions available on request.