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Vacuum Seal Off Valve V1000 Series

Compact, Vacuum-tight Evacuation Valve with Excellent Conductance

The V1000 vacuum seal off valve is an evacuation valve which provides an extra dimension to the vacuum system designer because it is compact, vacuum tight, and has excellent conductance. The basic weld on installation and simple operation will compliment any production evacuation design by reducing installation and evacuation time, improving vacuum reliability and reducing product cost.

Operating Specifications

  • SERVICE: High Vacuum.
  • PRESSURE: 1 X 10-8 TORR Vacuum.
  • TEMPERATURE: +150ºF TO -60ºF.
  • LEAK RATE: 1 X 10-8 STD. CC GHe/SEC. (Seal Permeability).
  • CONNECTION: Weld junction is standard. Thread and flange junctions available on special request.

For valves with integral TC port, see Vacuum Seal-off Valve V1000 Series with Side Port

Product Sheet

vacuum seal off valve

Part Numbers and Dimensions

Valve Size – 1/4″

Stainless Steel Part Number: V1025-1
Aluminum Part Number: V1021-1

  • A: .59
  • B: .38
  • C: .19

Valve Size – 1/2″

Stainless Steel Part Number: V1045-1
Aluminum Part Number: V1041-1

  • A: .81
  • B: .62
  • C: .46

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Valve Size – 1″

Stainless Steel Part Number: V1085-1
Aluminum Part Number: V1081-1
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  • A: 1.5
  • B: 1.19
  • C: 0.9

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Valve Size – 2″

Stainless Steel Part Number: V1165-1
Aluminum Part Number: V1161-1
See 2″ vacuum seal-off valve V1165-10

  • A: 2.25
  • B: 2.5
  • C: 2.0

Use with valve operator model V2165 – 20

Valve Size – 3″

Stainless Steel Part Number: V1245-1
Aluminum Part Number: V1241-1
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  • A: 3.0
  • B: 3.38
  • C: 2.9

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