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Manufacturers of Cryogenic Valves

About Cryocomp

Cryocomp Valves are New Jersey-based cryogenic valve manufacturers. The history of Cryocomp Valves begins with the 1994 founding of DLH Industries whose first products were the various size and dimension cryogenic valves. Two years later, the vacuum seal-off valve and valve operator products were introduced. In December of 2014, Cryofab Inc., an Eastern United States designer and manufacturer of cryogenic Dewars, vessels, vacuum jacketed pipe and manifolds, flexible hoses and transfer lines, acquired Cryocomp Valves. The experience and expertise of Cryofab gained during their nearly 50-year history immediately strengthened the overall resources and capabilities of Cryocomp Valves. Presently, Cryocomp offers our cryogenic valve products in varying sizes, dimensions and capabilities. The globe, right angle and y-pattern valves offered by Cryocomp are available in the following sizes and configurations: ½”….3/4″….1.0″….1.5″….2.0″…and soon introducing a new 3.0″ All these size cryogenic valves may be provided as manual or pneumatic actuated configurations. There are also electromechanical actuators for the ½” and 1.0″ valve sizes. Cryocomp offers numerous size vacuum seal-off valves and valve operators, in stainless steel and aluminum, that are extremely reliable and very competitively priced. In addition to our valve products we also offer other unique and reliable cryogenic and vacuum components and assemblies.

Built on 50 Years of Experience as Cryogenic Valve Manufacturers

The Principles at Cryocomp Valves and Cryofab Inc. have many years of experience in the global cryogenic and vacuum industries. It is our goal to address each requirement as “our most important” and to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers.