Cryocomp manufactures cryogenic bayonet sets for safe and efficient cryogenic transfer & piping systems. The bayonet is a mechanical joint that allows for the connection of sections of vacuum-jacketed/flex lines & pipe that can be dismantled and assembled easily in the field while maintaining low heat leak at the joint.

Cryogenic Bayonet Model CB700 Male

The CB700 Series Cryogenic Bayonet design is a tube-sized high-efficiency connection for vacuum-insulated piping and transfer line applications. Connecting and separating the bayonets is easy with the threaded connection nut.

Cryogenic Bayonet CB700 Series


Cryocomp B3000 Cryogenic Bayonet series assemblies offer low heat leak and quick solution field installation. Our high-efficiency tube & pipe connection is ideal for vacuum-jacketed transfer lines and vacuum-insulated piping systems.

Cryogenic Bayonet B3000 Series