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Vacuum Seal Off Valve Model V1165-10

2" Vacuum Seal Off Valve

vacuum seal-off valve

Product Sheet


  • Compact, Vacuum Tight
  • Excellent Conductance
  • Positive Pressure Relief Cap (Plastic)
  • Plug (Brass)
  • Body (304 SST)
  • Use with Valve Operator Model V2165–20
  • Available with Integral TC port Model V1165–11


  • SERVICE: High Vacuum.
  • PRESSURE: 1 X 10-8 TORR Vacuum.
  • TEMPERATURE: +150°F TO -60°F.
  • LEAK RATE: 1 X 10-8 STD. CC GHe/SEC. (Seal Permeability).
  • CONNECTION: Weld Junction Is Standard. Thread And Flange Junctions Available On Special Request.


  • Piping and Flexlines
  • Vacuum Insulated Piping Systems