Vacuum Valve Operator V1000 Series

1/4" – 3" Simple Seal-Off Valves with Tube or Flange End

The V1000 series of vacuum valves is simple, inexpensive and reliable. This vacuum valve design ranges in size from 1/4" through 3" with matching seal-off valves.

The V1000 valve operator is the connection between the V1000 seal-off valve and the vacuum pump. This tool removes and replaces the seal plug during the pump down operation using a tight seal at the body junction and a spring loaded, redundant seal on the shaft.

TC vacuum ports 2 available as option.
vacuum seal-off valve v1000 series
Product Sheet

Installation & Operation Manual

Part Numbers and Dimensions

Valve Size - 1/4"

Tube Part Number: V1025-2
Flange Part Number: V1025-3-*

  • A: 3.2
  • B: 3/8
  • HEX: 3/4

Valve Size - 1/2"

Tube Part Number: V1045-2
Flange Part Number: V1045-3-*

  • A: 3.5
  • B: 5/8
  • HEX: 1-3/16

Valve Size - 1"

Tube Part Number: V1085-2
Flange Part Number: V1085-3-*

  • A: 5.0
  • B: 1-1/8
  • HEX: 1-3/4

Valve Size - 2"

Tube Part Number: V1165-2
Flange Part Number: V1165-3-*

  • A: 5.3
  • B: 2.0
  • HEX: N/A

Valve Size - 3"

Tube Part Number: V1245-2
Flange Part Number: V1245-3-*

  • A: 6.0
  • B: 2.0
  • HEX: N/A

* Use KF flange size number, i.e. for KF-25, use 25—Example: V1045-3-25