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Joe is a product manager for Cryofab. After studying sales and marketing at Providence College, Joe joined Cryofab in 2021 to assist in managing the Cryocomp product line. With a focus on valves and evacuation components, Joe is happy to be a resource for any cryogenic related questions or inquiries.

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Design Options for Cryogenic Valves

Options for cryogenic valves like body shapes, vacuum insulation, actuators, positioners, cryogenic solenoid valves, and characterized flow.

How to Specify a Cryogenic Valve

Cryogenic valve specifications depend on the cryogen, the system or equipment the valve will be part of, the way the valve will open and close, the pressure and flow rate of the liquid, and any safety or convenience features required. Cryogenic valves control the flow of liquid super-cooled gases like nitrogen, hydrogen, argon, oxygen, or […]