Cryogenic Valves with Precision Flow Rate

Select Appropriate Cv Values with “Needle and Seat” Trim Options

Cryocomp offers an option for our 1/2" cryogenic valves which greatly enhances the performance to specific Cv values offering a control range of Cv= 0.500 down to 0.0003. Building on standard actuated valve products, we use 11 different "needle and seat" combinations that are machined and installed into the valve body. The ability to select appropriate flow characteristics through unique “trim” sizes enables a system to function and many times exceed the client’s design specifications.

Configurations for Precision Trim Cv Cryogenic Valves

The precision Cv trim valves are available in 1/2" pipe-size globe or right angle configurations with a pneumatically actuated stem. Other accessories, as required by the client for process control and information feedback, are available.
The valves come in fully vacuum-jacketed or cold box cuff designs to accommodate the installation for refrigeration applications. The maximum allowable operating pressure for these valves is 300 PSIG and is applicable to most industrial gasses including helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and natural gas.

Standard Valves That Can be Upgraded with Needle & Seat Trim

Flow Coefficients for Standard Cryocomp 1/2" C2000 and C3000 Valves

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