Cryogenic Products

Cryocomp Cryogenic Products

Cryocomp, a subsidiary of Cryofab, offers the specialized valves and accessories you need to guarantee a reliable, efficient, long-life cryogenic system. Our valves, bayonets, evacuation components and vapor vents are designed and fabricated to the highest standards for original equipment manufacturers involved in the fabrication and rehabilitation of:

  • Vacuum Insulated Pipe
  • Coldboxes
  • Tankage
  • Helium Transfer Lines
  • Flexible Lines
  • Cryogenic Pumps
  • Vacuum Jacketed Manifolds
  • Cryogenic Trailers
  • Dewars
  • Specialized Systems

At Cryocomp we strive for

  • Quality
  • Availability
  • Reasonable Prices

We pride ourselves on getting you the products you need before the other guy can even get you a quote.

For more information on our high-quality cryogenic valves, bayonets, evacuation components, and vapor vents you can get our brochure. (PDF)

Download the Brochure for Cryocomp Cryogenic Products Below

Cryocomp Cryogenic Products Overview