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Vacuum Seal-off Valve Model V2165–10

Spring Loaded Vacuum Seal-off Valve, 2" Size

vacuum seal-off valve for large vacuum systems

Product Sheet

This is a vacuum seal-off valve for large systems such as cryogenic tanks, dewars, 2.0″ vacuum-insulated piping, and MRI magnet vacuum containers. This unique seal-off valve has a high conductance, compact design that is vacuum-tight during normal evacuation with an spring-loaded poppet. It works with matching v2000 operators that are specially engineered to engage the poppet.



  • Vacuum Leak Tested @ 1 X 10-5 TORR Tight to 1 X 10-9 SCC GHe/SEC or less.
  • Relief Pressure 2 – 6 PSIG
  • TC Vacuum tube port available P/N V2165–11.
  • CONNECTION: Standard weld jacket. Threaded and KF/NW flange connections on request.


  • Piping and Flexlines
  • Vacuum Insulated Piping Systems
  • MRI Magnet Vacuum Containers
  • Cryogenic Dewars
  • Cold Boxes