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Cryogenic Valve Model C2081-A-TW

1.0" Replacement Internal Valve Assembly, Pneumatic Actuated Operation

Product Sheet


  • Pneumatic Actuator Air to Open
  • Stem Seal (Nitrile 0-Ring with Parker Lube)
  • Cryogenic Stem Packing
  • Brass Bonnet
  • Cryogenic Bonnet Seal
  • Plug to Stem Stabilizer
  • Brass Plug
  • KEL-F Seat Seal w/ Locked Thread

Technical Data

  • See C2081 Actuated Valve Model Product Sheet for Technical Data


  • Vacuum Jacketed Piping
  • Cold Boxes
  • Manifold and Tank Systems
  • Liquid Nitrogen, Helium, Hydrogen, Argon, and Oxygen Service (With Proper Cleaning)