C2000 valves range from 1/2″ tube (with optional adapter) to 2″ pipe-size weld ends. Applications for the C2000 Series include vacuum-jacketed piping, cold boxes, manifolds, and tank systems. These vacuum-jacketed valves can be used with liquid nitrogen, helium, argon, oxygen service (with proper cleaning), and other cryogenic liquids.

C2000 Flow Coefficients (Cv)

  • 1/2″ Globe Body 2.6 Cv, Right Angle Body 5.7 Cv, Y-Pattern Body 5.6 Cv
  • 1″ Globe Body 16.3 Cv, Right Angle Body 28.6 Cv, Y-Pattern Body 25 Cv
  • 1-1/2″ Globe Body 31 Cv, Right Angle Body 37 Cv, Y-Pattern Body 42 Cv
  • 2″ Globe Body: 42.3 Cv, Right Angle Body: 54 Cv, Y-Pattern Body: 59.4 Cv