Spring Loaded Vacuum Seal-off Valve, 2″ Size This is a vacuum seal-off valve for large systems such as cryogenic tanks, dewars, 2.0″ vacuum-insulated piping, and MRI magnet vacuum containers. This unique seal-off valve has a high conductance, compact design that is vacuum-tight during normal evacuation with an spring-loaded poppet. It works with matching v2000 operators […]

Vacuum Seal-off Valve Model V2165–10

Cryogenic Bayonet Model B3000 Male

Cryogenic Bayonet for Vacuum Insulated Piping Systems Cryocomp bayonet assemblies offer low heat leak and quick solution field installation. Our B3000 Cryogenic Bayonet series is a high-efficiency tube & pipe connection for vacuum-jacketed transfer lines and vacuum insulated piping systems. The assemblies range from 1/2″ tube to 1″ pipe with a 300 PSI MAWP. The […]

Cryogenic Bayonet B3000 Series