cryogenic bayonet

Male Bayonet Assembly 3/4″ Size, 9″ Thermal Length     (6) O-Ring QTY: 1 Find NO.: 6 Part number: 2-212 Material: Silicone (5) Nut QTY: 1 Find NO.: 5 Part number: 2B702-2M1 Material: Brass, Nickel Plate (4) Ring, Retainer QTY: 2 Find NO.: 4 Part number: 801-088-5L1 Material: 302 Cres Wire (3) Nose Socket, Male […]

Cryogenic Bayonet CB706-5M9 Series


Female Bayonet Assembly 1/2″ Size, 9″ Thermal Length     (3) Nose Socket, Female QTY: 1 Find NO.: 3 Part number: 103CB706–5W1 Material: 304 SST (2) Tube, Female QTY: 1 Find NO.: 2 Part number: 104CB706-5WF Material: 304 SST (1) Female Socket QTY: 1 Find NO.: 1 Part number: 1CB706-5F1 Material: 304 SST

Cryogenic Bayonet CB706-5F9 Series

cryogenic bayonet

Female Bayonet Assembly 1/2″ Size, 3″ Thermal Length   3″ Female Bayonet Assembly CB704-5F3 (1) Female Socket #: 1CB702-5F1 (2) Female Tube #: 2CB702-5F3 (3) Nose Piece #: 3CB704-5F1 Dimensions: A: 3.38 B: 0.51 6″ Female Bayonet Assembly CB704-5F6 (1) Female Socket #: 1CB702-5F1 (2) Female Tube #: 2CB702-5F6 (3) Nose Piece #: 3CB704-5F1 Dimensions: […]

Cryogenic Bayonet CB704-5F3 Series

Cryogenic Bayonet Model CB700 Male

Tube Size Linde Style Bayonet Series This cryogenic bayonet series will operate efficiently in the vertical or horizontal positions. The CB700 series bayonet is designed in four thermal lengths: 3″ to interchange with existing Linde installations, 6″, 9″ and 15″ to fit most thermal and physical criteria. Inner lines are tube size and available in […]

Cryogenic Bayonet CB700 Series


Cryocomp B3000 Cryogenic Bayonet series assemblies offer low heat leak and quick solution field installation. Our high-efficiency tube & pipe connection is ideal for vacuum-jacketed transfer lines and vacuum-insulated piping systems.

Cryogenic Bayonet B3000 Series